LCD Enclosure – Choosing an LCD TV

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LCD enclosures are a cost effective and practical method of using screens in outdoor locations. Often used for outdoor digital signage they provide all the protection necessary for using a LCD screen in an outdoor environment.

LCD enclosures are often manufactured to IP65 and NEMA 4 ensuring they will protect against the weather elements and airborne debris commonly associated with outdoor locations.

The steel housings also offer rugged protection against vandalism and accidental impact and normally contain all the temperature and climatic components that ensure the inside of the LCD enclosure is always at the optimum temperature.

An LCD enclosure provides an all round solution for installing digital signage in an outdoor location and they can take a lot of the headache (and the cost) out of the implementation of outdoor digital signage. But there is one decision you still have to make; choosing the screen.

There are four types of LCD screen commonly available:

  • Standard devices – designed for home use
  • Commercial devices – designed for commercial use indoors
  • High Brightness TV’s – mainly commercial screens with extra powerful backlights
  • Outdoor TVs – waterproof and resilient to airborne debris

Obviously, as an LCD enclosure is waterproof and can protect from all the outdoor elements, there is no need to purchase an outdoor TV – this is just as well as these types of TV devices are the most expensive (reaching in excess of $10,000).

Samsung High Brightness TV – ideal for outdoor digital signage

Whilst LCD enclosures can house any standard LCD TV; devices aimed at home use should not really be considered. A standard LCD device has probably not been designed to be left on permanently as many signage screens are and its lifespan will not be that of a commercial grade screen.

Commercial grade LCD screen are designed with digital signage needs in mind. They cab be left on permanently and will out last most standard devices for only a small increase in outlay. These are ideal for most digital signage applications even outdoor digital signage; however, if the screen is to be placed in direct sunlight then it is worth considering a high brightness LCD TV to ensure the screen is readable even under the brightest sunlight.

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