LCD Enclosures – A New Approach to Outdoor Digital Signage

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Attracting customers and raising awareness about your products and services is the primary reason businesses advertise. And the growing number of mediums that businesses can use to market their companies makes it difficult for companies to asses the worth of particular advertising campaigns.

Digital signage is one such new media; however, more and more companies are resorting to digital advertising, as the benefits far outweigh the cost and complexities of using digital out of home media (DooH).

One of the most rapidly growing sectors of the new digital advertising sector is outdoor digital signage where LCD and plasma screens are used outside.

There are now many manufacturers of outdoor LCD TVs who produce TV screens capable of withstanding the outdoor elements such as wind and rain. Many of these screens are built to International guidelines such as NEMA 4 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) or the European IP65 rating.

However, there are more hazards that TV’s need to be protected from in outdoor environments. Whilst obviously waterproofing is vital for outdoor digital signage systems there is also a need to protect the outdoor TV from vandals and thieves.

LCD enclosures are fast becoming the preferred solution for outdoor digital signage systems. Not only will an LCD enclosure will protect against rain and other weather elements it will also repel airborne particles.

Furthermore, if any TV screen has to be placed outside, as unfortunate as it may be, it will still need protecting from the unwanted attention of vandals or thieves.

LCD enclosures offer all round protection against the weather, vandalism and theft and as they can house a conventional TV, the combined cost of the LCD and LCD enclosure is often less than a specific outdoor LCD TV.

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