LCD Enclosures – All-Weather Protection for Digital Signage

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The use of digital signage has been much talked about with the varied applications for the new media seemingly endless. Whilst digital signage has been utilised by retailers since the first LCD and plasma screens hit the market, now other sectors are following suit.

Digital signage systems are now everywhere from high streets, gas stations, outside restaurants, college campuses, hospitals and even industrial units are all implementing LCD and plasma screens for digital signage whether it be for the purpose of advertising or information.

Keeping this technology protected is also a concern, particularly when they are to e used outside or areas where there is risk of getting wet or damaged by airborne particles such as dust. Protecting the plasma, LED and LCD screens from potential theft and vandalism is also a concern especially for those digital information boards that are now cropping up in schools, colleges, hospitals and even prisons.

Protecting these devices has been made a lot easier in recent years thanks to the growing use of plasma and LCD enclosures. These sealed cases offer protection to the sealed LCD or plasma TV inside preventing water, dust, dirt and other hostile elements from penetrating the enclosure and damaging the device.

LCD enclosures are often used in outdoor digital signage or in industrial areas where there are high levels of hostile elements. LCD enclosures are even used in food production facilities that often hose down areas. To help make choosing an LCD enclosure easier, international and European guidelines such as NEMA 4 and IP65 are used in the construction of the enclosures.

LCD enclosures are also highly secure and are ideal for protecting plasma and LCD TV’ sin public or exposed areas. Solid steel casings are used to offer impact protection while shatterproof screens protect the screens against attempted vandalism. Other security features such as tamper-proof locks can be added to ensure extra defence from thieves.

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