LCD Enclosures – Applications and Uses

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LCD enclosures are a quite a recent innovation. Developed after the arrival of modern flat screen TV panels such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) and plasmas, they are designed to protect these standard TVs allowing them to be taken outdoors or into harsh locations, whilst still permitting the LCD to function normally.

LCD enclosures, therefore, have to be waterproof, able to withstand impacts, and have a wide operating temperature range.

The uses of these rugged and versatile protective LCD enclosures are varied, with new applications being implemented all the time, but here are the main uses of these flat panel protective housings:

Outdoor Digital Signage

One of the most common uses of LCD enclosures is to protect TV screens for use in advertising, branding and promotion. Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly common; there are high audience figures available for advertisers and promoters in outdoor locations.

LCD enclosures enable these outdoor promotional screens to function in any location providing a cost effective and versatile from of outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor TV


Outdoor TVs are becoing commonplace

Also becoming increasingly common is the use of TV screens in outdoor locations. Pubs and bars find they increase revenue by providing outdoor entertainment, especially in consideration of the smoking bans, but increasingly, homeowners too are placing TVs in back yards and patios.

As LCD enclosures house standard TV systems, this too makes a cost effective alternative to outdoor waterproof TVs, which can be extremely expensive – especially for homeowners who may not justify the decision. With and LCD enclosure an old TV can be taken outdoors or a new budget system can be bought just for the back yard.

Information Screens

Another application for LCD enclosures is to provide information. Transport hubs and train platforms are one such location where they are deployed providing a more versatile and informative system to provide delay information and other timetabling data.

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