LCD Enclosures as Digital Signage for Internal Communication–Simple and Affordable

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As the global financial crisis continues to bite businesses and organizations, one of the first things that goes as budgets shrink is investment in internal communications. However, not only is internal communications highly important for all sorts of businesses, industries and organizations, effective internal communications it doesn’t need to be expensive. LCD Enclosures as digital signage are simple and affordable.

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Digital signage is ideal for internal and external communications

Communicating with employees use to involve all sorts of traditional methods, such as staff newsletters, notice boards and public address systems. However, with the introduction of email, many of these traditional systems were no longer needed, and email is also an extremely inexpensive method of communicating with staff, but it does have its disadvantages.

Not all workers for an organization have regular access to email, especially those industries where people work in large warehousing or production facilities. Furthermore, any crucial or important information sent by email is reliant on email being regularly checked, and this is not always possible or practical.

There is, therefore, a need for employers to use more immediate and more encompassing forms of internal communication, and in large area facilities such as modern warehousing, this provides several problems.

In noisy environments, audio systems such as public address systems are ineffective at getting information across, while traditional notice boards require regular updating, which over large areas can become extremely time consuming and pose logistical difficulties.

Digital signage is an extremely effective form of internal communication as it is extremely noticeable and over large areas can be part of a network, bringing information to people’s attention, immediately. Of course, there is an initial investment on screens and networking, but with the falling cost of modern LCD displays, this need not be too prohibitive. However, some locations, such as dusty warehouses, wet or wash down areas and outdoor locations, standard LCD hardware can’t function.

This is why many institutions and businesses with a need for internal communications in such locations turn to LCD enclosures to provide the protection for their standard hardware. Because of the flexibility of the enclosures–housing standard LCD displays—there is no need to install expensive bespoke waterproof and industrial systems, which keeps costs down, as the business or organization can source their own screens, within their budgetary constraints.

LCD enclosures are ideal for internal communications for all sorts of locations, from wash down and dusty areas, to freezer and chilled rooms, as the enclosures contain internal temperature control ensuring the screen is always operating in the optimum environment within the enclosure.

Easy to install, and manufactured from tough, mild steel, an LCD enclosure is ideal for the rough and tumble world of heavy industry. They are also secure enough to use outdoor in unsupervised locations as they provide comprehensive protection against vandalism, tampering and theft.

With LCD enclosures, no matter what the location, internal communication doesn’t have to be sacrificed due to budgetary constraints and all employees can be kept informed of important information, , no matter where they are working.

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