LCD Enclosures – Cost Effective Solution for Outdoor Digital Signage Campaigns

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Even in the current tumultuous financial climate there is one industry sector that still seems to be booming – the digital signage business. More and more companies, businesses, local authorities, and institutions such as schools, hospitals and even penal centres are embarking on digital signage campaigns.

One of the newest and burgeoning sectors of the digital signage campaign is the installation of LCD TVs outdoors.

One of the main reasons that the use of outdoor digital signage has an is increasing in a dramatic fashion is that the prospective audience of an digital outdoor signage campaign is many times that of any indoor system.

Far more people will see a message displayed on a plasma of LCD screen outside a business than they will inside and for that reason the use of LCD systems outside has increased dramatically.

There are however, quite a few challenges in starting an outdoor digital signage campaign as most LCD or plasma TV equipment is not designed for outdoor use.

The weather is perhaps the most difficult challenge in attempting to embark on an outdoor digital signage campaign. Keeping the LCD TV dry and ensuring the temperature doesn’t exceed limits (either too hot or cold) can be extremely costly, especially if you opt to use outdoor LCD TV’s which can be as much as ten times the price of a standard TV.

Fortunately, a simpler and more cost effective method of utilising outdoor digital signage is available in the form of LCD enclosures. These protective enclosures for LCD and plasma TVs allow conventional television and displays to be used in harsh environments including outdoors.

LCD enclosures are waterproof, dustproof and have heating and cooling systems that ensure the enclosed LCD or plasma is kept at the optimum operating temperature. An LCD enclosure will also offer protection against thieves and vandals as they are usually built from steel and have features such as shatterproof screens and anti-pick locks.

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