LCD Enclosures – FAQ

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What is an LCD enclosure?

An LCD enclosure is far more than just a protective case for LCD TVs. An LCD enclosure is a microclimate and controllable environment ensuring the LCD or plasma is not only protected fro0m outside elements but is also operating in perfect ambient temperature and conditions.

Do I need an LCD Enclosure?

It all depends on the location for your LCD or plasma TV. Generally speaking modern flat screen devices are manufactured for home entertainment and office locations. If you are to use a TV screen for the purposes of digital signage in any area outside of a home or office then the answer is probably yes.

What type of Environments Can they Operate in?

An LCD enclosure is a general all-purpose device. LCD enclosures can be located outside in the wind and rain, inside factory floors, heavy industrial plants, wash down locations, chillers, freezers and hot houses. In fact we have yet to find an environment where our LCD enclosures can not function.

What Protection Do They Offer?

Our LCD enclosures are protected against liquids, whether in hose down locations or outside in the rain. They also protect against any airborne particles such as dust, dirt, powders, grease and grime. Manufactured from high quality mild steel they also act as impenetrable barriers against thieves and potential vandals. LCD enclosures are also built with climatic control with filtration and circulation systems ensuring clean air only is circulated around the TV device.  With added heater and cooling systems for extreme temperatures there is no locale where an LCD enclosure can’t be fitted.

Are they Built According to International Guidelines?

Yes, our LCD enclosures adhere to both the European IP rating (ingress protection) to IP54 and the international NEMA standards to NEMA 4x.

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