LCD Enclosures—Main Uses and Applications

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With their weather protection, temperature control and defense against physical impact and vandalism, LCD enclosures provide a flexible method of utilizing an outdoor screen. Able to accommodate virtually any LCD or plasma display, of almost any size, using an LCD enclosure provides not just flexibility in allowing almost any screen use outdoors, but has cost saving as the price of screens made for outdoor use makes them prohibitive to small businesses and public institutions on a budget.

With an LCD enclosure, nearly any organization can utilize screens for outdoor messaging, taking advantage of the many benefits of outdoor digital signage. Here are some of the most popular uses of LCD enclosures, used for outdoor screen protection:


Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor digital signage has many advantages for advertisers. With huge potential audiences, outdoor digital signage can reach far more people than screens used in indoor locations. Outdoor digital signage is also effective 24 hours a day, able to provide advertising throughout the evening and night as well as the day. Outdoor advertising has great advantages for retailers who can use screens to encourage customers through the door; unlike indoor screens that only advertise to existing customers. While many chain stores already employ outdoor screens for outdoor digital signage, LCD enclosures enable smaller stores to utilize the technology too, with the cost savings and flexibility requiring less expertise in digital signage technology.

Outdoor Information

Many service industries and public institutions are also utilizing outdoor screens as a form of communication. For train stations and other transport industries, outdoor screens enable customers to be kept informed of real time information, such as delays of scheduling changes. While institutions such as colleges, schools, public libraries and museums, can use the technology to provide information to the public, students and visitors. Outdoor screens provide a visible method of relaying real time information, which is Ideal for emergency messaging, displaying opening hours or upcoming events.

Outdoor Entertainment

Residential Use of LCD Enclosure as Outdoor TV Screen

Even householder use LCD enclosures to provide outdoor TV entertainment

Since the rise of smoking bans, more and more bars are installing LCD enclosures outside as a means of providing outdoor TV entertainment. When there is big game on the TV, few customers want to miss the action when they have to go outside. Increasingly people are choosing to watch sporting events at home, particularly smokers; however, by providing an outdoor screen, bars can encourage people to still enjoy the entertainment at the bar. Because of their flexibility in allowing standard screens to be used, LCD enclosures make the installation of an outdoor TV simple and cost effective. Even householders are using LCD enclosures to provide the ultimate luxury of an outdoor TV.

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