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The number of locations and uses of an LCD enclosure is almost endless and is growing all the time, from outdoor digital signage protection and outdoor TVs to using screens in factories or inside dusty warehouses. As LCD enclosures provide all-round protection against weather, temperature and impact they can be pretty much used anywhere.

The protection offered by an LCD enclosure is so rugged that one US zoo has installed the enclosure in a monkey and ape house.

Primates, like their more advanced human cousins, need to be entertained, and many zoos install TVs to give the chimps, orang-utans and some species of monkey entertainment. Many species of ape enjoy television but unfortunately this poses a problem.

There has even been some research into their viewing habits too.

Gorillas, orangutans and chimps are incredibly strong animals that can get easily frustrated. When the TVs are turned off, or if they dislike the programme that is on display, apes and monkeys can get very aggressive and can often take it out on the device – hence the need for an LCD enclosure.

An Armagard LCD Enlcosure beng installed in an ape house

As LCD enclosures are made of steel and have a shatterproof screen front, they are the most rugged and durable solution for protecting an LCD device. Designed to protect from impacts and vandalism they are ideal for use in ape and monkey houses as they can withstand the impacts that these majestic animals can muster.

And as gorillas can weight as much as 600Ib in captivity it provides a good endorsement for the strength of an LCD enclosure. If an LCD enclosure can withstand this sort of punishment from such a powerful animal, then it should have no trouble dealing with vandalism and impacts caused by (much weaker) humans.

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