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There are many outdoor locations where running a TV screen, whether it is for outdoor digital signage, information or to provide entertainment, looks to be impossible.  Many outdoor locations are either extremely hot, very cold, under intense sunlight, or under severe weather.

Many of these locations however, are the ideal place for outdoor digital signage as no other form of communication is as effective in some of these environments.

Ski resorts are a good example of this as there is often a need to disseminate information to the visitors, who commonly, are spread out over a large area. When it comes to relaying emergency information such as avalanche warnings there is no other form of communication that is as effective. Tannoys can’t be used as the sound itself can trigger an avalanche and text messaging and other direct communication only communicates to the people that have their phone on, and with them (and it is impractical to keep a copy of every guest’s phone number.

Obviously, these sorts of locations are extremely cold, often with ambient temperatures below zero, so using a screen to provide information may seem unlikely. However, that’s exactly what many ski resorts are doing, finding the real time and remote uploading of information ideal for these locations.

This means the screen used in such locations needs to be equipped to cope with the variable weather conditions.

LCD enclosures are often deployed by ski resorts as they provide a comprehensive form of outdoor protection that enables the screen to be used no matter how cold it gets.

Heaters inside the LCD enclosure ensure the screen’s operating temperature range is never breached, while the waterproof casing of the LCD enclosure prevents any snow, ice or moisture from getting inside.

And its not just cold locations like ski resorts that LCD enclosures can endure. Outdoor screens can be used even extremely hot locations with cooling fans and even air conditioning used inside the LCD enclosure in such locations.

So no matter the temperature, weather or severity of the outdoor location, nowhere is too severe for an LCD enclosure allowing outdoor digital signage use in almost any environment.

The cold can damage an LCD display

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