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LCD TV’s (Liquid Crystal Displays) are now commonplace in the front room of many homes. Gone are the clunky large CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) of yesteryear with modern TVs being more streamlines, flatter and a lot less bulky.

Not only are the quality of images better on flat screen TVs and the devices themselves more aesthetically pleasing, they are far more flexible in their use. They weigh a lot less than their forerunners and obviously take up a lot less space and can be mounted on the wall.

Because of this flexibility home entertainment is not the only application for LCD televisions (and plasma TVs). Increasingly LCD’s are being taken from the confines of eh home and are erected in more public and even outdoor locations for the purpose of outdoor digital signage or outdoor entertainment.

Obviously there are certain issues with using a LCD TV that is primarily designed for indoor use outside the home. The most obvious problem faced with taking any electrical device outside – is protecting LCDs from the weather elements.

Waterproofing the LCD TV is vitally important if it is to be exposed to the elements as is ensuring that any windblown debris keeps out of the device too.

An outdoor LCD TV use also requires the device to insulate from the cold and heat and the screen has to be protected from direct sunlight too. Furthermore, id the TV is to left unattended it needs to be secured to prevent theft or unwanted attention by vandals.

All this may make it seem an almost impossible task to erect a standard LCD TV or plasma screen outdoors. However, there is a simple and convenient solution that allows the use of standard TV equipment in outdoor environments: the outdoor LCD TV enclosure.

LCD enclosures are protective casings that not only act as a barrier, dust proofing and waterproofing the LCD TV but also they contain thermostatically controlled heating and cooling systems ensuring the optimum operating temperature for the device.

LCD enclosures are also manufactured from solid steel to ensure security and with a shatterproof screen they are the prefect solution for outdoor digital signage or outdoor TV entertainment.

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