LCD TV Protection – Indoor and Outdoor

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There can’t more than a handful of people around who don’t watch or use a TV, and not just for entertainment, either. Modern TVs such as LCDs and plasmas are frequently used as computer monitors.

a man and a lady standing next to an outdoor screen with an LCD TV Protection enclosure

Outdoor TVs are becoing commonplace

Flat screen TVs like this are far more versatile than their CRT predecessors. They are lighter, flatter and cheaper to produce, the result being that TVs are now being used in many unusual locations.

Excluding the recent explosion in digital signage and outdoor digital signage, there are other out of home locations where LCD screens are to be found – but operating them in these conditions can be quite challenging.

LCD TV Protection for Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs are becoming a popular commodity. They are commonly used by bars and pubs to entertain their customers but are increasingly becoming popular with householders who are installing them in patio, barbecue and other outdoor and backyard areas.

Weatherproofing is an essential aspect of being able to use TVs outdoors. Not just rainfall either as all sorts of weather elements from snow to hail can permanently disable a TV left outdoors. Temperature too, especially when it peaks in the summer and winter, needs to be countered.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are used for outdoor TV use as they allow standard devices to be taken outside and ran indefinitely. They are not only waterproof but also prevent any other elements such as dust from entering the enclosure and ensure the temperature inside is always at the optimum.

LCD TV Protection for Prisons/Institutes

Another need for LCD enclosures is in the TV use in prisons, offender’s institutes, homes for vulnerable adults and mental health wards.  These locations also require the LCD to be protected but for totally different reasons.

In these locations the screen has to be defended against impacts and objects being thrown but more importantly LCD enclosures are used in these locations to protect people from the TV.

Where vulnerable adults and children are concerned, it is essential to ensure that they can’t harm themselves or be harmed by the TV.

LCD enclosures prevent objects including fingers from being inserted into the device, prevents the device from being taken from the wall and makes it difficult for it to be used as something to attach ligatures too.

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