London 2012 – What Part will Digital Signage Play?

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The forthcoming London 2012 Olympic Games has been described as “The first true digital games.” (See this interview with Major Events Expert Richard Banks.)

With the Internet, social networking, live phone streaming and the use of digital signage it is not hard to see why it has been described as such; however, what will these technologies add to the user experience of the Olympics?

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How will digital signage be used at the olympics?

While the Internet, social networking and other technologies will allow spectators to communicate to the outside world and allow those of us not lucky enough to be at the games to be kept informed – digital signage will have a different role to play.

Digital screens and outdoor digital signage are going to play a key role in many areas during the games. Here are some areas where we might expect digital signage to be used:


One of the most important areas to for any successful event such as the Olympics is the local transport system. With so many people visiting the London just for the games ensuring that they can get to the stadiums easily is one area where digital signage can help.

Interactive maps, bus and Tube timetables and other transport information can be supplied by digital signage making the logistics in navigating the city a lot easier for visitors (many of whom may have never been to the city before).

Event Information

Providing key event information to enable people to plan their day is another area where digital signage and outdoor digital signage can really help. Even with events as well-planned as the Olympics there can often be scheduling changes. With the real-time ability to alter content, digital signage is one of the most efficient methods for relaying such changes as the entire network can updated instantly; ensuring people don’t miss out on any rescheduling.

News and results

As with any major sporting event people can’t be everywhere at once and they may have interests in events that are coinciding. At least with digital signage updates, latest news and results can be displayed on digital signage screens – ensuring the latest results are not missed anyone.

Only time will tell how digital signage will be implemented but as the Olympics is still several years away, here may be even newer more exciting technologies to talk about when it finally does begin.

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