Looking for Outdoor Digital Signage Protection? Reasons to Choose Armagard

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With such burgeoning popularity, digital signage is one of the fastest growing media sectors. Most people are familiar with out of home screens, used for advertising, brand promotion or providing customer information.

Visit any airport, shopping mall, bus station or retail store, and chances are there is a screen either, selling, promoting or providing crucial information to customers. Even schools, colleges, sports stadiums and religious buildings are using out of home screens.

In addition, it’s not only indoor locations where out of home screens are being utilized. Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly popular with more and more digital screens being erected outside to take advantage of the high audience number sin outdoor locations, or provide institutions with an outdoor messaging system

Keeping screens protected in outdoor locations is an essential aspect of outdoor digital signage—after-all, weather, temperature and the risk of vandalism can lead to the failure of an LCD or plasma screen if it’s placed outside.

LCD enclosures are a popular form of outdoor protection for digital displays, enabling outdoor use of standard devices, either consumer or commercial grade. But as the need for outdoor digital signage escalates, increasingly more and more companies are producing outdoor digital signage protection, and not all produce quality products leading to premature failures of outdoor screens.

Outdoor Digital Signage Protection from Armagard

Armagard have produced protection for displays, computers, touch screens and printers for nearly two decades. As industry leaders in the enclosure business, Armagard pride themselves on their extensive customer portfolio and the quality of their products.

Here’s why Armagard should be the number one choice to protect your outdoor display:

  • Warranty — all LCD Enclosures manufactured by Armagard come with a five-year warranty, ensuring your screen will be protected throughout it’s expected lifespan.
  • With projects like The Olympic National Sports Stadium in the Kiev who chose to install 265 Armagard enclosures in preparation for the UEFA Euro 2012 Championship or the New Airport Express Metro System in India’s New Delhi, who chose 120 Armagard enclosures to protect their information screens.
  • With multi-lingual support and representation in the USA, France, Germany, Poland, South America, United Kingdom and Italy, Armagard are a truly global company.
  • Manufactured from the finest materials, and built to impeccable standards by technicians with nearly two decades of experience, Armagard won’t be beaten on the quality of their engineering.
  • Armagard put their LCD enclosures through  rigorous testing procedures, ensure they can withstand the environment that you need them to.

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