Methods of Mounting an LCD Enclosure

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Whether it is for outdoor digital signage, an information screen or an outdoor TV, LCD enclosures are being used in varying locations, and for various reasons.

One of the great advantages of an LCD enclosure is its versatility when it comes to positioning and mounting. They can be installed flush against a wall, tilted on a bracket, hung from the ceiling, or mounted on a pedestal or pole mount.

But what are the best methods of mounting an LCD enclosure?

This depends on what the LCD enclosure is being used for. For an outdoor TV, the main consideration is comfort, there is no point installing a TV by the poolside or patio, if you have to crane your neck to view it. If you are providing information for people then you at least have the advantage that people will search for the display and won’t mind, briefly looking upwards. However for outdoor digital signage, the screen has to be as noticeable as possible to attract attention to its messages.

For mounting, there are various options:

Flushed – A screen flush against the wall is an option for almost any use of an LCD enclosure. The benefit of a flush screen is that it is unobtrusive and many outdoor TVs are installed this way as are information screens and indoor display ads. However, for outdoor digital signage it can be too unnoticeable and cause the sign to get missed.

Bracket mounted – A better option for outdoor digital signage is to mount the enclosure on a wall bracket. This way the screen can be tilted to ensure it faces the oncoming audience, ensuring they get to see the message.

Ceiling mounted – perhaps only a solution for information screens as it is all too easy to be ignored as the audience walks underneath.

Pedestal mounted – either hung from the ceiling, protruding from the wall or floor mounted, is another option and is highly visible – ideal for outdoor digital signage, but you need the space and have to ensure the sign is not going to be obtrusive.

Pole mount on an LCD Enclosure

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