Modern Outdoor Advertising – Visual Appeal of Outdoor Digital Signage

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A common complaint often thrown at outdoor digital signage is that it is a blight on the landscape. There are even action group’s that apart from citing the potential distraction risks that digital billboards and outdoor digital signage poses to drivers, also claim that the screens are ruining the natural aesthetics of the roadsides.

This argument against the aesthetics of outdoor screens is, however, particularly weak, especially when you consider the history of roadside advertising across the United States.

Roadsides up and down America have historically been always been littered with advertisements and billboards and are an endearing part of American highways and are a part of American culture often mentioned in film, TV and literature.

But are traditional billboards that aesthetically pleasing in the first place? These are quite often old wooden structures where the advertisements posted up stay for a considerable amount of time before they are replaced often becoming faded.

Outdoor digital signage has far more positive aesthetic qualities than traditional roadside advertising. It has a look of modernity and sophistication that not only makes the roadsides look far less drab but they are also transforming city centres, towns and high streets.

Not only are modern screens more physically appealing and look more twenty-first century but they are visually more effective too. The bright colours, moving imagery and transitions really stand out compared to traditional advertising methods but outdoor digital signage really comes alive during the evening.

Ares like New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus are a great demonstration of both the effectiveness and the aesthetic appeal of digital screens.


Times Square is now digital

Even traditional Times Square signage like neon is no where near as effective at getting noticed in such areas which is why most of these advertising hotspots are now almost all outdoor digital signage.

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