Mounting an Outdoor Digital Signage Display

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Many businesses benefit from using an outdoor digital signage display: businesses needing to communicate with workers, retailers wanting to promote items to passersby, and service industries needing to provide information such as schedules and timetables.

Outdoor digital signage: floor, wall or ceiling mounted?

Using an outdoor screen is not the challenge it once was, not with the comprehensive protection provided by outdoor digital signage enclosures that enable the use of even standard screens outside. And there are many options available for positing an outdoor digital display, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

The position of an outdoor screen is crucial—get it wrong and your intended audience may ignore or not notice the intended messages, so some thought needs to go into mounting options before you commit.


Common in transport hubs like train station platforms and outside bus depots, ceiling-mounted outdoor screens are out of the way and don’t take any space. The problem with this, however, is that it’s all too easy for people to ignore or not notice the screens at all. Few people spend their time looking up, so mounting a screen suspended from a ceiling is only worthwhile if the audience is willing to seek out the information. This is the reason it works in transport hubs as people wish to know what time the next train or bus is leaving, so actively seek out the screens.


Placing the screen on the wall is perhaps the most common method of mounting an outdoor digital signage display. A wall-mounted sign is fairly unobtrusive and more noticeable than a ceiling mounted display. The display, however, the general audience can still ignore a sign if it doesn’t need to face in that direction, but suing wall-mounting brackets does enable the screen to tilt towards eye-lines.

Floor-standing Digital Signage

The most obtrusive, and yet the most noticeable form of outdoor digital signage is a floor standing, or totem solution. Ideal for front of store locations or mounted in pavements, a floor standing display becomes an actual feature and is impossible to not notice.

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