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Digital signage has been one of the fastest growing advertising industries of the last decade. The industry is currently worth nearly $4 billion and is continuing to expand with more and more out of home installs being deployed all the time.

One of the reasons for such a flurry into digital out of home advertising (Dooh) is the rewards for cost equation this type of advertising can offer. Compared to other media, no other form of advertising can reach as many people for such a low overhead, and it has other advantages too.

With out of home advertisements, notice ability is everything and because digital signage contains moving images, bright colors, fonts and transitions, it is far more eye-catching than their static rivals. There are also fewer costs involved once the screen is up and running as all content can be uploaded remotely without the need of technician to post up new content, and each screen can relay multiple adverts, maximizing the revenue from each ad space.

To maximize their effectiveness further, many advertising displays are being taken outdoors where there are high audience numbers and less digital competition than in indoor locations.

Outdoor digital signage is becoming ever popular with advertisers as it has greater potential for reaching higher audience numbers than comparative indoor displays, but it’s not without its problems.

Any outdoor display needs to be soundly protected from the weather and other outdoor elements. Many outdoor digital signage displays are housed in protective LCD enclosures, which do just that.

LCD enclosures allow the use of almost any type of display from LCD, plasma to LED backlit TVs, and of almost any size from small 20” displays to giant 70”+, housing them in a sealed environment that allows their use in almost any location.

Waterproof, resistant to dust and able to maintain a steady and optimum temperature around the TV, no matter what the ambient conditions, LCD enclosures are an effective and simple method of deploying screens in outdoor locations.

They are also tough being made from steel resisting any attempts at vandalism and theft. LCD enclosures are helping more and more advertisers realize the potential of outdoor digital signage.

LCD Enclosures provide comprehensive outdoor protection

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