Need an Outdoor TV for a Smoking Area?

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Across Europe and America, many states and countries have enforced smoking bans in all public buildings. The outcome of this is that many pubs and bars are losing custom with customers unwilling to stay for longer.

Outdoor pub TV

To try to keep their customers for longer, some pubs and bars are installing smoking shelters in outdoor areas, providing a roofed area, sometimes heated, where customers can go for a smoke.

Increasingly, especially during periods when a big sporting event is on, people visit their local pub or bar to watch TV but with the smoking ban, few people want to miss that important goal or point because they’ve had to go outside to smoke.

An outdoor TV is an ideal way of encouraging people to stay in bars and pubs for longer periods. An outdoor TV can keep customers entertained and provide a reason to visit the bar or pub to watch the big game.

Installing a TV outdoors is not a simple affair, as several challenges need considering, especially regarding the protection the screen needs to operate in an outdoor environment.

Normal LCD and plasma screens are not suitable for outdoor use. Rain, temperature and other weather elements can all disable a standard screen, and an unattended screen will need protection against theft and vandalism too.

Some manufacturers produce a range of outdoor TVs, which is one solution, although they are costly. Most TVs only last for a few years so continual replacement of these screens could prove an expensive acquisition.

Alternatively, an outdoor TV enclosure provides a method of using standard TVs, securing and protecting them from the weather.

Able to accommodate almost any make, model or size of screen, an LCD enclosure provides a weatherproof barrier that prevents rain and other elements from getting at the screen. Furthermore, the enclosure contains cooling fans and other climatic components to maintain a steady temperature.

Not only will an LCD enclosure save money by allowing the use of a standard LCD or plasma screen in an outdoor environment, by as the enclosure is reusable, it can protect several generations of standard devices providing a means of using an outdoor TV for years to come.



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