New for 2010 – Digital Signage Posters and Digital Advertising Displays

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New digital signage displays and indoor digital signage posters provide and all-in-one solution for delivering digital signage and out of home media content in indoor applications. Complete with built-in media player for content management these attractive and stylish digital displays are a simple cost effective solution for digital signage.

Floor standing digital advertising displays and wall mounted digital posters are a simple and elegant digital signage solution for indoor use and combined with Armagard’s LCD enclosure range for outdoor digital signage, we now have a complete digital signage range for indoor, outdoor and use in hostile or industrial areas.
With a range of screen sizes from compact 20” to giant 70” digital posters, digital advertising displays and outdoor LCD TV enclosures, have the perfect digital signage solution for almost any application.
LCD enclosures, digital posters and digital advertising displays are manufactured using our proven engineering experience following decades of experience manufacturing protective enclosures for displays, printers touch screens and computers.
Following this new range of digital posters and digital advertising to complement our LCD enclosures, we now have the digital signage solution for almost any environment and location, including:
•   Shopping malls
•   Food production areas
•   Medical facilities
•   Schools/colleges
•   Waiting rooms
•   Patio/grill/deck areas
•   Outside restaurants/bars

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