New Innovations in Outdoor Digital Signage – A look at the future

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Years ago during the Edwardian and Victorian times, outdoor advertising began on the back of the printing boom. Soon the streets were filled with brightly coloured posters, signs and advertisements that were to adorn our high streets for over a century.

But now, times have changed. A lot of the print posters, adverts and signs have gone, and have now been replaced by modern, eye-catching outdoor digital signage screens.

I often wonder if the Victorians ever imagined what their high streets would like in a hundred years time and if so – would they have imagined the modern world of outdoor digital signage?

Perhaps not, but what about us – have you ever imagined what our high streets will look like in the future?

Future Innovations

Without a time machine it is perhaps impossible to know but we can look at some of the emerging innovations in the digital signage industry now which could give us some scope as to what the future may look like.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology has been around for a few years now and is increasing in sophistication. It was perhaps only a matter of time before somebody combined it with digital signage.

Demonstrated at several of this year’s trade shows facial recognition and digital signage could prove a huge asset to advertisers The possibilities are really exciting: adverts could be tailored to different individuals as they approach, using the software to identify different sexes or ages.

Alternatively existing customers could be identified and advertisements or promotions tailored directly to them a farm more direct form of advertising than just narrowcasting the same content to everyone.

Touch screens

Not a new technology by any means but touch screens are having a renaissance thanks to the development of touch screens in mobile phones and tablet PCs. And digital signage hasn’t been slow o uptake touchscreens either and there is great potential in having the interactivity of touch screen combined with digital signage. Shoppers can place orders, browse content and begin the shopping experience long before they get to the store.

Glasses free 3D

3D film has been around almost as long as conventional celluloid film. I’m sure most of us have watched a 3D movie such as Avatar. However, 3D has never been seen as practical for outdoor digital signage as few people would be prepared to wear 3D glasses every time they walked down the high street.

However, several 3D TV systems that are glasses free are being developed this will give advertisers that extra edge at getting their content noticed if they can make it leap from the screen.

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