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Street advertising is an old art form. Since the early days of printing; posters, signs, billboards and adverts have littered our high streets and it has been the key challenge of outdoor advertisers to ensure that their sign or poster gets noticed amongst such a backdrop of commercials.

Outdoor advertisers have a huge array of intellectual tools to enable them to do this, from suggestive slogans to eye-catching imagery and the best of them charge a fortune for their services.

However, getting noticed on the high street doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to employ the service of one of the top advertising agencies. In fact, getting noticed has never been easier thanks to the development of outdoor digital signage.

Aesthetics is another reason to go digital

Modern, dynamic, eye-catching and engaging – outdoor digital signage is an easy method to get an advertising campaign to stand out amongst a backdrop of print posters and billboards.

Here are some reasons why outdoor digital signage is the best solution for outdoor advertising:

  • Stands out – on a backdrop of print posters and billboards a colorful, moving image is far more noticeable. Studies of digital signage displays have also indicated there is a far better recall of advertisements from outdoor digital signage with 70 percent of outdoor advertisements recalled.
  • Instant content upload – no need to employ technicians to replace posters and billboards, content for digital signage can be uploaded instantly and remotely.
  • Flexible – advertisements can be tailored to specific audiences or times of day. An almost endless amount of adverts can be displayed on one screen two making even the traditional six sheet billboard (revolving billboards comprised of six adverts that change every 6-10 seconds).
  • Reach a huge audience – not only are you advertising to passersby but also those driving past or travelling on public transport may see the advertisement. Outdoor digital signage has the potential to reach an audience only comparable with mainstream media advertising (such as TV, radio or newspapers) yet for a fraction of the cost.

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