Outdoor Advertising – Digital Signage a Greener Solution

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Outdoor advertising continues to thrive despite the recent economic downturns. There are many reasons why advertisers place advertisements in outdoor locations but they key reason has to be potential audience numbers.

In outdoor locations the potential viewers of advertisements is many times higher than in any indoor location. The audience comprises – not just those walking past – but also commuters in cars and on public transport.

Outdoor digital signage is a modern take on advertising outside. Instead of using flat static posters or signs, LCD screens are used to be more dynamic and eye-catching. And there are other advantages too. Outdoor digital signage content can be uploaded remotely, which has several effects. Firstly, it means that fresh content can be uploaded in real time, and secondly it means there is no need for a technician to erect manually new content as with static signs.

This has other advantages too. As more and more companies realize their corporate responsibilities to be more eco friendly, outdoor digital signage is a greener method of advertising.

Okay, digital screens require power, but with modern LED backlit devices, the power consumption of these devices is remarkably low, far lower than say a light box used for night time print advertisements.

Furthermore, as content can be uploaded remotely, doing away with the need for technicians to drive around areas replacing advertisements, this saves a lot in emissions.

Printing is eliminated too with outdoor digital signage, saving money on print runs and saving energy too, as content is produced virtually.

Energy is used in all forms of advertising but with outdoor digital signage it is really kept to as minimum as the screen uses just the energy to power the backlight and produce the images which is far lower than the combined energy requirements of static posters.

Digital signage is greener than tradtional advertising.

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