Outdoor Digital Signage – A Revolution on the Sidewalk

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The sidewalks of our towns and cities are changing with more and more application of digital signage being seen outdoors. Outdoor digital signage has really taken off over the last few years and now signage systems are springing up almost everywhere.

Digital signage was once only to be found in retail centers and shopping malls but now thanks to the growing use of LCD enclosures and protection for plasmas, digital signage is now springing up almost everywhere.

Sidewalks, subways, town centers and former billboards are now providing new proving ground for outdoor digital signage systems as more and more companies are realizing the potential benefit of digital out of home advertising (DooH).

Utilising digital outdoor signage does come with some concerns that obviously normal digital advertisers do not have to worry about. The primary of these is protecting the LCD or plasma from the weather.

Much of the increase in digital signage is made possible by the increase in use of LCD and plasma enclosures. These waterproof display enclosures allow conventional TV screens to be erected in all weathers. Completely waterproof many of these LCD enclosures also protect against the extreme temperatures of both summer and winter.

Outdoor digital signage is often left exposed too and these plasma and LCD enclosures are often constructed with this mind with solid steel casings ensuring they are protected from any unwanted attention.

LCD enclosures and plasma enclosures have allowed the spread of outdoor digital signage systems throughout all sorts of environments enabling advertisers to reach far larger audience of potential customers.

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