Outdoor Digital Signage – Accidents Happen

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The growth of outdoor digital signage has been phenomenal over the last few years. Over ten percent of all outdoor adverts in the UK are now digital, and screens are not just being used for commercials either.  Information is commonly displayed in busy areas using outdoor screens, such as bus timetables and maps, while even restaurant menu boards are going digital.

The difficulties of outdoor digital signage are quite numerous and include protecting the screens from weather, temperature, coping with sunlight and finding the right location but one area that is often ignored is the protection that these outdoor screens require.

Physical protection is vital for outdoor digital signage (picture Daily Dooh)

While vandalism is an all-too unfortunate problem, many outdoor screens that go down are not the result of vandals at all, but are caused by accidents.

LCD screens are particularly vulnerable to impact and shock and even minor impacts can cause a screen to go blank, albeit temporarily; however, it can often take days, or weeks for screen administrators to be told meaning the ‘dead screen’ stays inoperable, wasting valuable advertising time and making the return on investment even more difficult to achieve.

And when impacts are severe, and permanent damage is caused, these problems are amplified by the need to replace the screen.

Protection for digital signage and outdoor screens is commonly available in the shape of outdoor LCD enclosures. A steel LCD enclosure will not only provide comprehensive physical protection, withstanding even the severest of impacts, but equally they also protect from all the other outdoor elements including weather and temperature.

Outdoor LCD enclosures allow digital signage in the most extreme sorts of locations – not just outdoors; even factory floors and industrial areas can have screens installed, and enable confidence that they will be protected.

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