Outdoor Digital Signage and Billboards – in the clear

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Study confirms that outdoor screens do not cause accidents

Since outdoor digital signage first appeared along roadsides, it has been at the center of controversy. Many people have objected to these electronic billboards and highway digital signage on aesthetic grounds and safety.

There have even been legislation prohibiting and restricting the installation of digital signage and other outdoor displays along the sides of roads with many local authorities citing a risk of traffic collisions.

However, a recent study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Tantala Associates discovered no evidence for increased accidents around the sites of digital screens and billboards.

The study, examined statistical data over eight years on state and local roads around Reading, Pennsylvania. It examined all traffic accidents throughout that period, including all accidents around the 26 digital billboards that are erected in the vicinity with the data including the location, time of day, and direction and speed of the vehicles.

No statistical correlation between accidents and visual exposure to outdoor digital signage was discovered.

And this was not the first study conducted by Tantala, who have also examined accident Data in other areas of the United States – all of which had similar results.

This recent study is another shot in the arm for the producers and installers of outdoor digital signage which in many areas of America is still a source of controversy and is being limited and even prohibited in its use.

Whether or not local authorities will take heed of this statistical evidence is yet to be seen but as outdoor digital signage is still a growing industry this initial paranoia over the safety of the devices should dwindle as it becomes apparent that outdoor screens are no greater a risk to vehicular traffic than other forms of outdoor advertising.

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