Outdoor Digital Signage and Drive Thru Menu Boards

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Digital menu boards are a common sight inside fast food restaurants. With their flexibility and eye-catching nature, digital signage provides the ideal platform to display food menu items. But in-store is not the only place where outdoor digital signage is effective for fast food restaurants.

 The fast food business is a highly competitive one. With so much choice on the high street, people often buy fast food meals in an unplanned fashion, especially when out shopping or out on the town for a night out.

Outdoor digital signage is a particularly powerful tool for fast food restaurants, as appealing food items on the display and content showing available promotions can help entice people inside to eat.

Unlike static signage, outdoor digital signage can change as promotions change, providing a single platform that can work all year round. It is also more appealing than standard printed promotional material as HD images of steaming hot food can become a powerful tool for enticing people to eat in the restaurant.

Another great application for outdoor digital signage for fast food restaurant is in the drive thru. Here too, promotions regularly change and digital menu boards provide a far more convenient method of listing food items.

The ideal form of digital menu board is an outdoor digital signage totem, such as those produced by Armagard.

Outdoor digital signage totems are standalone units that have a portrait screen providing a prominent display that is ideal for menu items. Because the totem is floor standing, they are easily installed in drive thru lanes, where often there isn’t a wall to mount other forms of digital signage. They are also the right size and shape to assist in the buying process for people sitting in cars, where a screen too high or too low would become difficult to see.

Outdoor digital signage totems are protected from the elements and adhere to international standards such as IP 65 and NEMA 4, and have internal environmental systems to ensure they can function outdoors throughout the year.

Furthermore, as outdoor digital signage totems, such as those produced by Armagard, house standard TV devices, it reduces the disruption caused by replacement and maintenance. A new screen is easily installed inside the totem, rather than having to install a completely new unit, as many totem systems require. This also offers an excellent return on investment as the same totem can function for years to come, housing several generations of screen in

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