Outdoor Digital Signage and the Sex Industry

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Sex sells is perhaps the oldest truism in the advertising industry. Bikini clad models and muscled men are used to sell everything from cars to soda pop. But sex and advertising is mixed up with a quagmire of rules, regulations and moral responsibilities.
Different nations have different attitudes to sex too. So advertisements with sexual content may be the norm in some of the more liberal areas of Europe but would be deemed distasteful elsewhere.

The sex industry too, has a difficult task in advertising its wares in many locations, for obvious reasons- you wouldn’t want elementary school children on the way to school to have to see such advertisements.

There are also many rules and regulations that govern such content that differ from country to country and even state-to-state – which can make the life of advertisers extremely difficult.

Digital Signage

Digital signage has a unique ability to enable content that could be deemed inappropriate to be timed for more appropriate times of the day.

Adult-aimed advertisements can be displayed on digital signage systems during the evening when there are no children in the area and then the advertisements can be reverted to more family friendly content during the day.

This enables advertisers who market globally to still allow more risqué adult orientated content to be used in areas where it may cause offence at other times.

And even in more liberal areas such as Hamburg in Germany where sexual content is common in outdoor advertising. Outdoor digital signage can allow areas like this to remove the shroud of the red light district during the day and turn it in at night.

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