Outdoor Digital Signage Attracts Attention

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The advantages of outdoor digital signage make it a worthwhile form of communication for many reasons. Advertising, information provision and branding are all reasons why so many people to elect to use screens outside of building premises to communicate with visitors and passersbys. Outdoor digital signage has the potential to reach huge audiences, engaging them in the business message and providing an ideal platform for marketing messages.

Freestanding Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage is best employed in or near entrances

Getting people to notice an outdoor digital sign is not always that easy, though. While there are fewer digital signage displays in outdoor areas than in indoor environments, outdoor digital signage is increasing. With so much competition, it’s all too easy for an outdoor display to go unnoticed, especially if the content is unappealing or not very striking.

Attracting attention to an outdoor digital signage display means looking at several different aspects to the install to ensure you are getting the most out of the sign.


Unlike indoor digital signage screens that roughly fall under the same size range of around 32” to 36”, outdoor digital signage screens are most effective the larger they are. The size of an outdoor screen may be limited due to budget, location and position, but opting for the largest screen size possible will ensure it is as visible as possible. Outdoor digital signage is often viewed from a good distance away so the larger the screen, the more effective it will be at attracting attention from farther away. And as people have shorter attention spans when walking around outdoor areas, particularly when the weather is bad, a larger sized screen offers a better chance of somebody paying attention to the outdoor content.


Choosing the right location to position an outdoor digital signage display can also make a big difference to the number of views an outdoor digital sign gets. While people may seek out an information screen, advertising and branding screens need to grab people’s attention and that means it needs placing in the most noticeable location possible.

While outside walls are a common choice for many businesses, if the display is too far away from the main thoroughfare into a building, people won’t pay it as much attention. Placing the sign as close to a entrance, will ensure everybody entering a premises will take notice of the display. This can either be to the side of an entrance, or positioned on a totem or standalone unit in a doorway, which provides an unmissable solution for any type of content.


Outdoor content needs to be big, bold and brief. Unlike indoor digital signs which often enjoy dwell times of several seconds, an audience views outdoor digital signage displays for a far briefer period. For this reason, transitions and overly complicated advertising content is going to be less effective than simpler messages. The call to action and main theme of the content needs to be on screen all the time, and any branding and marketing messages need to be as bold and prominent as possible.

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