Outdoor Digital Signage Checklist…part two

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Impact/vandal protection

Often overlooked but unfortunately a necessity none-the-less; a vandalised or otherwise damaged screen will cost in both downtime and replacement so ensuring it is well protected is essential. Steel LCD enclosures are one solution.

Direct sunlight

If the screen will be facing the sun then some anti-glare measures will need to be taken to ensure the image isn’t washed out or glare doesn’t prevent the content from being viewed.

Health, safety and the law

Another consideration that is often overlooked is the affect of the screen. Outdoor digital signage must not cause a distraction for road users, for instance. The glass that covers the screen needs to be shatterproof or be manufactured from safety glass to prevent injury in the event of damage.


Last but not least, content is the reason you are embarking on outdoor digital signage in the first place. But outdoor content can often differ to an indoor campaign and you need to ensure the content is relevant to the location the sign is placed.

The use of LCD enclosures in Outdoor Digital Signage

LCD enclosures are commonly used in outdoor digital signage projects because they enable many of the problems and challenges of using AV screens outside to be countered. A good quality steel LCD enclosure will protect a screen from the weather whilst also acting as a rugged barrier against impacts and vandalism but is also much more than that.

Temperature systems such as cooling fans, heaters and even air-conditioning can be installed inside the enclosure providing a micro environment that ensures the optimum conditions for an AV screen to operate in is maintained.

And with options to enable the screen to be used in any outdoor or hostile environment; such as shatterproof screens, anti-glare technology; and they are also versatile in that a media player or small PC can be installed inside the enclosure or the LCD enclosure can be easily plugged into the network thanks to waterproof gland plates.

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