Outdoor Digital Signage – Content and Location

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There are several really important aspects to digital signage which are vital to get right to ensure any campaign is a success. Content and location are perhaps the two most important aspects – and when it comes to outdoor digital signage they become even more important.

There are many differences to using digital screens outdoors than in indoor environments:

Weatherproofing, temperature control; not to mention theft and vandalism protection all need to be considered when embarking on an outdoor digital signage project. However, most of these concerns can often be countered with an outdoor LCD enclosure but deciding on the type of content and the exact location of your outdoor digital signage screen can be more difficult.

Indoor content differs to that of outdoor digital signage

Location for outdoor digital signage

In deciding where is best to install an outdoor screen you first need to assess what the purpose of the campaign is for. For instance, a restaurant wishing to promote a lunchtime special or other offer, may want the screen outside heir own premises, while an alternative ad campaign promoting the restaurant itself should be placed away from the premises (perhaps indicating the direction) where the largest traffic is (and potential hungry customers).

When deciding on a location for an outdoor digital signage campaign it is also important to remember that not all viewers are on foot. Many roadside digital billboards are a successful method of attracting the attention of drivers, bus passengers and those on foot – maximising the viewing potential.

It is also important to remember that whatever screen is selected for your outdoor campaign it is bright enough to cope with sun glare or is protected by a hood or canopy to ensure maximum readability.

Content for outdoor digital signage

As with indoor digital signage it is important to remember that people don’t view advertising screens in the same way as they do televisions. Ensuring content is bold, simple and visible is even more important for outdoor campaigns as people often view it from further away or through the windshield of a car.

Also, certain colours and fonts don’t work so well outside due to sun and other factors so all content for outdoor digital signage should be tested at different time during different weather systems.

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