Outdoor Digital Signage for any Season

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Outdoor digital signage has many benefits over using screens in indoor locations. The passing traffic- whether it is on foot, in cars or on public transport – will always be many times higher than an indoor system.

There is less competition too in outdoor locations making it more engaging and eye-catching because despite its modernity, in many indoor locations digital signage is now at the point of saturation making it as unnoticeable to many passersby so used to seeing screens in concourses and retail malls.

Digital signage is becoming increasingly common in ski resorts

But taking advantage of outdoor digital signage comes with many challenges as very few TV devices are designed solely with outdoor use in mind. And even those outdoor TV systems that are built for such a purpose can’t protect from every potential element that the great outdoors can offer.

While waterproofing is commonplace for outdoor digital signage screens and outdoor TVs there is more to using a screen outside than just rainfall protection.

The weather in many nations can vary from extreme cold in the winter – where temperatures can plummet to well below zero – to baking heat of the summer where the mercury can rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Designing a screen that can cope in very foreseeable environment is impossible; there is simply not enough room in a TV screen for the insulation cooling and heating systems that are required for an outdoor screen to cope with such extremes.

However, there is a solution for using outdoor digital signage all year round no matter how cold it gets in the winter or how hot the summer gets.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are ideal for this because they are not only waterproof housings that not only ensure the enclosed TV device is perfectly waterproofed but the protective enclosures also have space for other climatic systems.

So even in a location where the temperature can swing from freezing to broiling the LCD enclosure can contain cooling fans and heaters that are thermostatically controlled and will ensure the screeni9s forever in the optimum operating temperature.

This method of outdoor digital signage is not only one of the most effective methods of weather protection but as LCD enclosures are manufactured from solid steel they also offer vandalism and impact protection.

LCD enclosures also house standard commercial screens making them totally weatherproof enabling outdoor digital signage for a fraction of the cost of specifically designed outdoor screens.

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