Outdoor Digital Signage for Immediate Communication

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In today’s digital age, we are faced with a barrage of different methods of communicating. With social networking, email and mobile phones, it’s never been so easy to communicate messages personally and to whole groups of people. However, communicating to a public audience that you don’t know is just as difficult as it has ever been. Not everybody is on Twitter, has a mobile phone or access to email, so in large organisations, such as schools, colleges and public buildings, relaying information to staff, service users and visitors is challenging. Outdoor Digital Signage is a solution.

Outdoor digital signage in school use

Outdoor digital signage is perfect for institutions such as schools

Traditional signage is all well and good for providing permanent messaging, such as opening hours and information that doesn’t change, but when it comes to communicating messages that are time sensitive or responsive, the delay in pinning up new signs is often impractical.

Emergencies are one good example. If an emergency situation occurs inside a university complex, preventing visitors, staff and service users from walking into the danger can prove difficult–few communication methods provide the immediacy and scope to warn everybody.

Another requirement for immediate communication is required in the transport industry where information relating to scheduling changes, delays and arrival times are forever changing, and keeping service users informed requires a reactionary system that can provide immediate information, as and when it comes in.

Outdoor digital signage provides the ideal form of immediate outdoor communication. Information on an outdoor screen is easily uploaded remotely, and on a networked system, this means that dozens of screens can all show the same information, instantly.

This enables communication over wide areas, such as at a university campus, where students, staff and visitors can all receive the same information, at the same time, no matter where they are located. For emergencies, this means warnings can prevent people from stumbling into danger when an incident occurs, a problem that was so readily highlighted during the Virginia Tech Massacre of 2007, when a college shooting was exasperated by lack of warning to people arriving on campus.

Service providers such as in the transport industry also commonly employ outdoor digital signage, as the immediacy of it enables an audience to receive news of timetable changes, delays and arrivals, instantly.

Outdoor digital signage is one of the most effective methods of communicating to an outdoor audience. It is not only immediate but also highly visible with a screen positioned in the right location, such as near an entrance able to communicate to everybody arriving at a building or institution.

With an outdoor digital signage screen, customers, service users, visitors and the passing public can not only be informed of emergency and important information, but news, advertising and other information can greatly improve communication between a business and its customers.

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