Outdoor Digital Signage – Getting Physical

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Since the rise of digital signage over the last few years, more and more signage displays are being taken outdoors to take advantage of the larger audience numbers and lack of digital competition.

Outdoor screens now take up over a tenth of all UK outdoor revenue and the industry is expected to expand of the coming years; although, placing a screen in an outdoor environment isn’t free from problems.

Vandalism and unforeseen damage is one of the leading causes of dead screen in outdoor digital signage systems. While most installers of outdoor LCD, plasma and LED screens are conscious of the need to protect from the weather some fail to recognise the importance of protecting screens from physical attacks.

For instance, there has been a spate of targeted vandalism in the Paris Metro over the last year resulting in many failed screens. Whether it’s a broken screen, graffiti or other forms of malicious attacks, once down the outdoor display will be losing revenue and will cost an additional investment to replace or repair the device.

Vandalised screenin the Paris Metro – Picture from Dailydooh.com

Prevention with outdoor digital signage is far better than cure. A dead screen may take days or weeks to put right and in that time the possibility of getting a return on the initial investment halts – and any cost for repair or replacements is added to it making the R.O.I. ever more far away.

Protecting an outdoor screen, therefore, is vital to ensure the device doesn’t become a victim of malicious damage and it is not difficult to do, either.

Steel LCD enclosures are a simple and cost effective method of providing all-round protection for outdoor digital signage. Generally, an LCD enclosure will be waterproof enabling any LCD or plasma to be taken outside in the open air but equally the LCD enclosure will protect the entire device from impacts.

The steel enclosure will withstand impacts, tampering and attempts at theft while a shatterproof screen will cover the display protecting the most vulnerable aspect to the device.

LCD enclosures prevent the need for continual replacement screens, saving both time and money.

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