Outdoor Digital Signage Helping to Curb ‘Line Rage’

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Digital out of home (DOOH) media is being implemented in theme parks to keep people amused whilst waiting in line.

Most of us have experienced the frustration of having to stand patiently waiting for a ride; however, to some the frustration came be just too much. Incidents of line rage have plagued nearly all theme parks in the US and its not just amusement parks that suffer from the phenomenon. The numbers of assaults in check-out lines, cinema queues and other places where people are forced to wait patiently, have risen dramatically over the last decade.

The reasons for this rise is still unclear, some speculate that it has much to do with or falling attention span, whilst others argue that in a world full of high speed technology such as the internet we are just not used to having to wait. Whatever the reason many companies are now opting to use digital signage as a way of not only keeping those waiting in line amused but also to pass on important information and generate advertising.

Getting the balance right between advertising, information and entertainments is critical for applications like theme parks where people will soon become bored with repetitive messages or adverts. However, outdoor digital signage is being utilised in zoos and other places of interest to inform visitors and allow interactivity using devices like touch screen.

For places of interest likes zoos and theme parks, outdoor digital signage provide real opportunities to inform and entertain whilst reducing the incidents of possible line rage. To protect LCD  in outdoor locations, weatherproof LCD enclosures are used. These enclosures provide not just waterproofing but offer a protective housing which protects against vandalism and attempts of theft.

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