Outdoor Digital Signage in an Emergency

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We are all used to signs indicating danger and warning us of potential hazards. Electricity and chemicals are often labelled, while on the road tight bends and falling rocks are warned by signage in advance.

However, not all dangers can be predicted or warned, especially if an event or dangerous situation has just occurred, which is where digital signage and in particular outdoor digital signage can come into its own.

Interactive warning signs are not new; motorways and highways across the globe have some form of electronic messaging system to warn of congestion or accidents ahead. However, many of these warning signs are based on old LED billboards, which can only relay pre-planned messages.

Traditonal Danger Signs

The roads are however, not the only area of our lives where real time warning of impending danger can perhaps save lives as well as make life more convenient.

Weather warnings:

In some areas of the world, extreme weather such as tornados, tsunami or other potentially life threatening disasters can often hit with little warning. Traditionally the only method scientists have of warning the general population is by informing the media.
However, if you are not listening to the radio or watching TV you may not be aware of the impending danger. Digital signage is ideal for this solution. In areas where these events occur regularly then warnings can be transmitted using signage screens.


Whilst fire alarms are useful for alerting everybody to an outbreak of fire, digital signage can go one step further and inform of the locations of fire exits as well as being used to aid rescue workers locate where the blaze is coming from. Many LCD enclosures will resisit fire too.

Armed incidents:

Unfortunately, incidents of firearm attacks are on the rise, particularly in the USA where students and teachers have been periodically targeted by gunmen. On of the problems with several of these attacks is that the institutions are such a large are, informing people that there is an incident and to keep away is near impossible without the help of outdoor digital signage.

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