Outdoor Digital Signage in any Location

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When it comes to getting your message across more and more people are turning to the digital signage industry for more and more applications. Digital advertising may have been where this industry started but LCD and plasma TV’s are now being used for information boards, displays and even menus.

And digital advertising has taken strides into the most unimaginable places. Bathrooms, gas stations, drive-thru’s and diners are all taking advantage of a captive audience and placing digital signage to sell products or generate extra income.

Many of the new applications are outside in the open air. Menu boards, digital signage at filling stations and even digital billboards are being erected everywhere. From Alsaka to New Mexico, the `East and West Coast, outdoor digital signage is spreading everywhere.

Because of the varied environments these outdoor digital signage systems have to cope with such as the blazing heat of New Mexico during the height of summer to the blizzards of an Alaskan winter, any outdoor digital signage system has to be protected.

More and more systems are being enclosed in plasma and LCD enclosures. The protective enclosures for digital signage are extremely versatile. Not only for they conform to NEMA standards for outdoor use so rain or snow can’t get inside the electronics. They can also contain heaters and air conditioner units that make the perfect environment for any digital signage system.

Another benefit of the LCD or plasma enclosure is that they can be built to house any size or make of display. From tiny menu boards to huge 70” billboards LCD enclosures are the most flexible and cost effective method of protecting outdoor digital signage.

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