Outdoor Digital Signage in the Outback – Keeping screens cool

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Digital signage has exploded in popularity over the last few years due to the dramatic fall in price of modern flat-screens such as LCD, plasma or the back-lit LED.

Digital signs are being implemented almost everywhere and for a multitude of purposes: Advertising, information, wayfinding and even entertainment.

And the different locations where these new dynamic media screens are being installed is increasing all the time, and while instore digital signage was perhaps the first large scale uptake of the technology outdoor digital signage is now fast catching up.

One of the reasons for this initial slow uptake of outdoor digital signage was the reticence people felt in taking expensive and delicate technology and exposing it to the elements. However, with the fall in cost of TV screens and the rise of protective outdoor LCD enclosures, more and more outdoor digital signage systems are being installed.

And now, as LCD enclosures and other outdoor digital signage systems advance further, screens are being placed in areas that years ago would have been deemed far too hostile.

One such area is the desert regions of America, Australia and the Middle East where temperatures during the day rise to over 40 degrees Celsius while the night time temperatures can drop below freezing.

In many of these out of the way locations, information is important especially to aid travellers who may breakdown or get lost and are in serious danger because of the harshness of their surroundings.

As many of these locations are scarcely populated it is often impractical to erect printed signage to provide information or warnings as somebody has to travel to the locale and erect them. However, with digital signage any information can be uploaded remotely providing a useful system of providing information in these hard to reach areas.

However, LCD screens are able to operate even in this most hostile of locations thanks to the advance of protective systems such as insulated, heated and air conditioned digital signage enclosures.

Now, no matter what the ambient temperature or extremes of temperature that a screen will face in such locations is, there is a solution available that will allow the use of TV screens in such areas without risk of damage to the device.

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