Outdoor Digital Signage in the Snow – Coping with the cold

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With digital signage becoming increasingly popular year-on-year there are frequently more and more locations where these useful and dynamic information and advertising are being installed.

One activity and location that has found real benefits in outdoor digital signage has been in the ski slopes of Canada, America and Europe.

Digital signage is becoming increasingly common in ski resorts

Digital signage is a good solution for this type of location as traditional signage struggles to be seen as the harsh cold and snow often covers and fades normal signs.
LCD displays do of course need protecting from the cold and weather elements and this is taken care of normally by the digital signage enclosure.

Insulated and heated LCD enclosures allow any LCD, back-lit LED or plasma screen to be taken outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. These devices not only provide a weatherproof barrier to ensure snow, sleet and rain doesn’t penetrate the enclosure and damage the screen but also they contain heaters, insulation and thermostatic controls to ensure the screen is operating at the optimum temperature no matter what the ambient is like.

Other technologies are also included in some of the high-end outdoor LCD enclosures such as heated screens to prevent misting and anti-glare glass to prevent sun-glare.
From advertising messages, ski lift operation hours to the quality of the snow – all can be relayed in real time using digital signage. It is also advantageous in times of emergency as avalanche and other warnings can also be relayed.

Ski slopes are just one of a number of industries that are discovering the advantages of outdoor digital signage, and more and more applications for this dynamic new medium are being implemented everyday.

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