Outdoor Digital Signage Keeps Getting Bigger

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Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly common with more and more screens being erected outdoors for a whole host of reasons. Advertisers are one of the main users of this burgeoning industry and one thing is becoming apparent and that is the size of outdoor digital signage screens seem to be getting bigger.

With digital outdoor, size really does mater when you want to get noticed because the larger the screen then the farther away an audience can view it.

This is the great advantage of outdoor digital signage, unlike indoor systems; the potential audience for an outdoor screen can be huge. Giant-sized digital billboards are a common sight along roadsides and are beginning to usurp traditional printed billboards – despite much animosity towards them.

In Europe, where there is less opposition to digital billboards, the outdoor digital signage displays keep getting bigger with huge signs installed along motorway corridors and at busy road junctions (without causing any rise in traffic collisions).

While these large-scale digital billboards are obviously costly to produce, maintain and advertise on, there are opportunities for the small businesses to get involved with large-scale outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are increasingly becoming common for use as outdoor information and advertising and these too are now being produced in larger sizes and are a cost effective and simple solution.

They house standard LCD and plasma screens and can accommodate screens up to 70”, which can provide excellent visibility for an outdoor screen. As LCD enclosures house standard LCD screens, they are a les expensive solution but just as reliable as an outdoor screen.

They provide comprehensive protection, keeping the weather elements from damaging the screen and contain temperature control systems inside the enclosure to ensure the screen is always at an optimum, despite what the ambient temperature is doing.

LCD enclosures are also a robust solution as they are made from steel and typically have a form of shatterproof screen to protect the face of the display, providing rugged protection against impact and vandalism.

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