Outdoor Digital Signage – Outdoor Advertising for the 21st Century

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Outdoor advertising has always been a common method of raising revenue and increasing brand awareness. Along our high streets, trunk roads and even on bus stops, outdoor advertising hoardings, posters and other signage can be seen everywhere.

But there are two major disadvantages to outdoor advertising, both of which drastically affect the return on investment.

The first major problem with outdoor advertising is its prevalence. Because signs, bill posters and hoardings are literally everywhere, advertisers find it increasingly difficult to get their message to stand out in the crowd.

Secondly, outdoor advertising is costly and times consuming to change as technicians have to regularly visit sites and exchange content, adding to the cost of any outdoor advertising campaign.

Outdoor digital signage is dynamic and engaging

However, a new, more dynamic and flexible form of outdoor advertising has arrived that gets around both of these problems: – Outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is the use of modern flat-screen displays housed in a protective LCD enclosure ensuring they are protected from the weather, temperature and vandalism.

These outdoor LCD displays provide a far more attractive, engaging, and more importantly, a more noticeable method of outdoor advertising. The colorful changing images ensure more people notice the digital sign in comparison to the standard flat 2D advertisements.

The other benefit of outdoor digital signage is that content can be uploaded remotely. These has huge advantages for advertising companies in that they don’t have to dispatch technicians to replace posters and hoardings – it can all be done centrally.

Outdoor digital signage and LCD enclosures are proving a real boon for outdoor advertisers. They do require an initial investment in the system but by using a good quality LCD enclosure the display device should last just as long as if it had been sited in a warm and dry front room.

And as they are more noticeable than standard signs and a lot cheaper to upload content, the return on investment can be a lot greater than regular print advertising.

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