Outdoor Digital Signage – Ten Steps to Success – Part 1

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Being a new medium, digital signage can be a struggle to get to grips with. There are many common mistakes, pitfalls and must nots. However, outdoor digital signage is plagued with even more pitfalls and challenges making it almost a completely different industry.

With huge differences in the approach to outdoor digital signage compared to indoor campaigns, it can be all too difficult to make a success of your campaign or get a return on your investment.

However, there are several tricks of the trade and an points to think about which can help you increase the chance of your outdoor digital signage being a success:

1. Ensure you have a goal in mind – a clearly defined goal is important before you begin any digital outdoor advertising campaign. Ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve? Drive sales, increase brand awareness or provide general information?

Outdoor Digital Signage Can be a Challenge

2. Establish locations first – before you buy the screens, decide on the content or make any other plans, you need to know where the screens will be placed. This can affect all other aspects of the campaign from the size and type of screen required to the type of content that you will be playing.

3. Going alone can be lonely- A common mistake is to think of the project as an extension of your IT department. Digital signage is a new industry but there are those with experience. Choose partners that can help and advise rather than just supply you with hardware. It is also important that somebody takes responsibility for the outdoor digital signage project and that it is managed correctly.

4. Content is king – Creating your own content is possible but experience and creativity are a must. If you want to stand out from the crowd, professionally created content will be far more attractive than something knocked-up on the home PC.

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