Outdoor Digital Signage – Ten Steps to Success – Part 2

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Here is a continuation of the steps that can help you avoid some of the most common outdoor digital signage pitfalls:
5. Protection from the elementsOutdoor digital signage has to cope with a lot more than any indoor screen. Rain, wind, hail and snow – the sign has to still keep functioning. There are multiple options for this including waterproof outdoor TVs or weatherproof LCD enclosures. Either method should adhere to IP65 or NEMA 4 to ensure that the device has been designed to prevent ingress of rainwater or other elements.

Temperature extremes are another problem for outdoor digital signage. Not only can temperatures drop below zero in the winter months in some areas but it the summer it can rise to sweltering temperatures. Inside the digital signage enclosure the LCD TV needs to be running at the optimum temperature all the time so cooling and heating systems should be included where necessary.

Even extremely hot and dry areas can install digital signage

6. The sun is your enemy – One of the biggest challenges for outdoor digital signage is coping with direct sunlight. The sun’s reflection can not only reduce the screen brightness but can also cause glare. There are multiple methods of coping with the sun from placing the outdoor digital signage under a canopy, using high brightness LCD TVs; to using more sophisticated methods such as transflexive technology or other anti-reflective measures.

7. Vandalism will wipe out your ROI – The signs installed, the content is playing and the screen is running. However, if somebody mindlessly attacks your device the screen could be permanently off, resulting in investment of another screen. With glass frontages, LCD TVs also pose a hazard if they deliberately or accidentally damaged. Shatterproof screens will ensure the screen is protected but the TV itself will also need to be defended against impact. Steel LCD enclosures provide a robust, rugged and cost effective solution.

8. Cost cutting is costly – Trying to cut costs and do things on the cheap will often result in further investment or a failed campaign. Using cheap LCD screens, poorly made LCD enclosures or shoddy media playing devices can result in your campaign being ineffective and in essence a waste of the money that you have spent.

9. Visibility matters – Meekness is a weakness in the world of digital signage. Visibility is everything. Ensure that your screen is as bright as possible and is not affected by sun glare. Your content should be as vibrant and eye-catching as possible and you should use the largest sized screen you can get away with. Also don’t forget to ensure that the screen is directly in the line of sight of your intended audience.

10. Keep Fresh – Boring, staid and old content will soon become and annoyance and will melt into the background. Ensure content is regularly updated and uploaded.

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