Outdoor Digital Signage – The Latest Street Furniture

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There are plenty of familiar items around our high street. Call boxes, bus stations and news stands can all be found along our high streets – not to mention the advertising hoardings and displays that litter the sidewalks and pavements.

Much of this street furniture has a practical purpose. We buy our daily newspapers from the news stand; wait for our ride to work at a bus station; and phone home in the call box. But these practical objects can also be used for other purposes – such as advertising.

Whilst street advertising has always been with us, it has gone through a radical change over the last few years with outdoor digital signage now springing up in many high street locations.

Digital signage is far more engaging and effective as standard signage displays which is why many of the traditional outdoor advertising hoardings that display posters are being replaced by large outdoor digital signage screens.

But digital signage can also be combined with other street furniture too. Bus stops are now a prime location for digital posters and other outdoor digital signage displays.

Not only do bus stops allow the advertisement to be read by passers-by and vehicles but also as people in line at a bus stop have little choice but to wait – they are a captive audience.

Newsstands too are now having digital signage implemented into them. These too are prime locations for digital advertising as newsstands are visited by a whole host of people throughout the day.

Digital advertising is on a completely different aesthetic level than 2D advertising. Print posters, fade, get ripped and can lower the tone of a neighborhood but digital screens can do the opposite.

By combining modern digital screens with the familiar street furniture a high streets are becoming modern state of the art areas helping regeneration and driving sales in the meantime.

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