Outdoor Digital Signage – Urban Centerpieces

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There are certain locations in city and town centers that become centerpieces. Places like Times Square in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London spring to mind with their bright signage and ad displays.

With the emergence of outdoor digital signage and outdoor advertising screens, more and more locations, in more and more town and cities, are generating their own urban centerpieces.

Digital advertising screens are more than just commercial driven devices. Many outdoor digital signs are multi-purpose providing not just advertisements but information such as weather, news and local facts; or entertainment, showing short TV clips mixed in with the advertisements.

This type of approach to outdoor advertising not only makes the commercials more likely to be seen as people seek out the information and entertainment, but also, provides a centerpiece for an outdoor location.

And when outdoor digital sign is erected, often other follow suits as advertisers and information providers seek to find the best location possible, creating digital quarters in cities and towns.

As outdoor digital signage is modern, engaging and dynamic, these digital centerpieces create an aesthetic modernity that can raise the profile of even the dowdiest and blandest of city centers.

These centerpieces generate trade for retailers and hospitality businesses in these areas, helping regenerate the city or town centre.

While many of these locations may not become as famous or renowned as Times Square or Piccadilly Circus, they are raising the profile of many towns and cities that often get overlooked by tourists, and shoppers willing to travel to new locations.

One such are where digital signage is being implemented in the city centre is Birmingham in the UK, where large outdoor digital signage screens are being implemented near their flagship shopping centre The Bullring. Other cities in the UK are using outdoor screens in this manner too, such as Manchester and Glasgow.

Outdoor Digital Signage in Birmingham UK

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