Outdoor Digital Signage use in Hospitals, College Campus and Religious Buildings

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Digital signage is a popular new medium and is springing up in all sorts of places. Commonly associated with retail and advertising there is more to using digital LCD screens than just marketing.

For providing information there really is no better method than with a digital signage screen, Compared to printed media and notice boards, digital signage is instant, flexible, easy to update and looks the business compared to tatty ripped, faded and worn posters and notices.
And LCD screens can be used to provide information in areas where notice boards and other print notices can’t go.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has so many advantages for communication that it is no wonder it is beings used in so many industries and institutions. And outdoor digital signage doesn’t have to be expensive either. Whilst outdoor TV systems are not cheap, a cost effective alternative is available in the shape of an LCD enclosure.

Digital signage used at North Pocono high school, Pennsylvania

Outdoor LCD enclosures house standard LCD devices and not only keep them waterproof but also ensure they are kept maintained at the correct temperature. They also provide a vandal proof steel barrier to deter attempts at vandalism.


Hospitals have a huge need for providing information to patients, staff and visitors. Reaching out to all these different people can be really difficult which is why hospitals employ al sorts of methods from Tannoys and pagers to the traditional notice board.

Outdoor digital signage means that important information can be relayed, in real time and uploaded to the indoor screens as well as the outdoor digital signage –so people can view the important information when they first arrive at the hospital.

College Campus

Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly relevant for security and the passing of important information to staff, students and visitors on campuses too.

With recent campus shootings highlighting the need to get emergency messages across, outdoor digital signage provides the ideal medium. If any incident occurs, within minutes screens across campus can relay the warnings and prevent further incidents.

Churches, Mosques, Temples and Synagogues

For religious institutions outdoor digital signage allows the religious order to relay congregational information and also provide religious messages to encourage more people to come to prayer.

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