Outdoor Digital Signage used as Menu Boards

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Outdoor digital signage is now a fairly common application. Outdoor advertisements, once displayed in traditional static signage, are now slowly being replaced by more dynamic digital versions.

But outdoor advertising is not the only use for outdoor screens as the growing use of digital displays outside restaurants shows.

Restaurants, from fast food eateries to more upmarket waiter service establishments,  have always placed menus outside their establishments to provide enticement to passing trade and to allow customers to make decisions on where to eat lunch.

A good and varied menu will often lead to more custom as people tend to be reluctant to go into restaurants if they are not sure what is on offer. Traditional menus are fairly effective at this but as digital screens even more so.

The first advantage to using and outdoor screen as a menu board, is its noticeable nature. Not only can you attract people’s eyes from afar but also you can display images and videos of hot steaming dishes on sale which can be more effective than just static images.

Secondly, using outdoor digital signage as a menu board gives the vendor greater flexibility on a day-to-day basis. Menus can be changed, specials added, items sold out removed, giving customers a better experience.

While these outdoor digital signage boards have been mainly used by fast food companies in recent years, more and more independent and smaller chain restaurants are getting involved, attracted by the modernity and dynamic nature of the outdoor signs.

Various solutions are available for outdoor menu boards but all need to be protected from the rain and outdoor elements. Some thought will also need to go in the mounting of the digital menu board; whether you want to wall-mount it, use a totem or another solution.

Traditional menus are making way for digital menu boards

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