Outdoor Digital Signage – You Do not Need to be an Industry Giant to Get Involved

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Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing industries with digital signs now becoming a common site on the high street, around transport hubs and other outdoor locations.

The UK digital outdoor advertising is dominated by a few big names, with most bus shelters and digital signage advertising hoardings provided by these nationwide companies; however, as the price of screens continue to fall and with the availability of outdoor protective cabinets,  you do not need to be a huge media outlet to get involved.

Providing an outdoor screen is not difficult either and many independent retailers, restaurants, theatres, and a whole host of other organisations are erecting outdoor screens for marketing, information and advertising.

Outdoor digital signage – anyone can get involved

While many large advertising companies produce specialist outdoor screens that are designed to withstand the weather, there are far simpler and less expensive alternatives for using outdoor screens.

An outdoor digital signage campaign requires just three pieces of hardware: a screen, a media player, and an outdoor LCD enclosure.

Commercial screens are the best to use as they last longer than consumer grade but one of the advantages of an LCD enclosure is that the internal environment is kept at the optimum temperature, using air filters and fans and keeps the screen functioning longer, so many organisations find they can get away with a standard screen.

The enclosure will protect the screen from the weather elements and also keep it free from dust and airborne debris as well as providing impact protection against vandalism and accidents.

There is enough room inside an LCD enclosure to also keep a media player or a small factor PC protected too.

The only real challenge in creating an outdoor digital signage campaign is creating the content but with simple and easy-to-use software suites available this can be done with limited knowledge.

LCD enclosures are allowing even small businesses to be part of the outdoor digital signage boom, enabling them to take advantage of this diverse and dynamic advertising and promotional medium.

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