Outdoor DOOH – Location and Protection

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Digital out of home (DOOH) is fast becoming one of the leading forms of advertising, branding and promotion. Its effectiveness and comparative low cost is one of the reasons that it has flourished in recent years with digital screens now common in shopping malls, retail stores, airports, and in other transport centers too.

And one area where DOOH is expanding rapidly is outdoors. Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly prevalent along high streets, outside stores, and around bus stops.

The reason for the growth of outdoor screens is manifold. Firstly, outdoor areas can receive far higher audiences than an indoor location. Not only are there more people walking around outdoors but also outdoor screens can be viewed by commuters on public transport and in cars travelling around the city.

There is less in the way of digital competition outdoors too. While indoor DOOH screens have now saturated almost every conceivable indoor location, there are still plenty of opportunities outdoors, with there more likelihood an outdoor screen will stand out.

There are two critical aspects to embarking on an outdoor digital signage campaign: location and protection.


Getting the right location is crucial for outdoor digital signage. Failing to position the screen in an area where it can be viewed by as many people as possible, and in a noticeable way as possible, could lead to the displays not operating as effectively as possible.

It is important that the screens are not only located in a high footfall area, but also they arte angled to attract the attention of the oncoming crowd.


Protection too, is critical in outdoor locations. Any screen left outdoors needs to be protected against weather, temperature and, often neglected, impacts. Being left outdoors means that outdoor screens become a tempting target for thieves and vandals so ensuring they are secure is just as important in making sure they are weatherproof.

Protection is vital for outdoor digital signage

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