Outdoor Signage – Emergence of Digital

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Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. From the very early days when merchant stores first erected signage to declare the wares that they sold, advertisements have been ubiquitous outside.

From billboards to posters, static shop signage to neon lighting, outdoor locations are riddled with outdoor signs and advertisements.  Nevertheless, outdoor advertisements have been going through a dramatic change thanks to the rise of outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is growing in popularity in outdoor locations, due to the many advantages it has over traditional advertising methods such as billboards and static posters.

With outdoor digital signage, uploading of content can be done remotely, which reduces the cost for outdoor advertisers who don’t need to employ technicians to put up new content. Single screens can also be used for multiple advertisements, displaying each advert for a number of seconds before moving onto the next – maximizing the value of the advertising location.

But where digital signage really comes into its own is in the ability to get noticed, especially in comparison to regular static posters and adverts. An outdoor screen can draw the eye with moving images, play video and transitions, and is brighter and more visible, especially at night than a conventional static advert.

All these advantages of outdoor digital signage have already allowed this new media to take a large sector of the outdoor advertising market with further growth expected in coming years as the cost of outdoor screens and other digital signage hardware continues to fall.

Although, outdoor digital signage is not as complicated and expensive as many people assume and many of the overheads can be kept to a minimum. The biggest expense with outdoor digital signage is commonly the outdoor screen. These weatherproof LCDs do have a high price tag which make’s outdoor digital advertising expensive, but there is a lower cost alternative.

Conventional commercial grade (and even consumer grade) screens are far cheaper than outdoor devices. Obviously, they are not waterproof or able to cope in an outdoor environment, but they can be protected to do so.

Outdoor LCD enclosure will house almost any make, model and size of these standard devices and provide complete weatherproof protection allowing the screen to operate no matter the conditions and temperature of the outdoor location.

Outdoor digital signage – a common sight

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